What and Why?

I am very interested in exploring the relationship between advertising and branding and its effects and influence on the public. How much of design is control and how much is intuition. I want to explore the boundaries betweens the two – to what extent must we lead the public and how many visual prompts must we employ in order for the consumer to react in the way we wish.

Through my Masters at Ravensbourne I wish to explore the myriad of ways I can communicate my ideas and develop a whole range of media paths to achieve this. I am particularly interesting in the way people interact and digest design, be it by absorbing visual cues from poster advertising and TV to the way people interact with their natural and digital environs.

I hope that through this journey I will develop both my design skills and as a person. Through interaction with my peers and people in the design industry I hope to evolve from being a specialist in design for print into a multidisiplined and well rounded designer with a range of career paths before me. During this development I wish to ensure that I also understand the need for collaboration, becoming selective with the skills I need to enrich. I do not want to be ‘Jack of all trades, mater of none.



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Graphic Designer, recently moved to London to study Master in Communication Design at Ravensbourne View all posts by igoekev

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