Annotated bibliography

‘Basics Illustration: Sequential Images’ Mark Wigan
AVA Publishing (24 Dec 2007)
This book explores the importance of an awareness of the design process and the creative interplay of text and image.

‘Data Flow: Visualising Information in Graphic Design’ Robert Klanten, N. Bourquin
Die Gestalten Verlag (9 Sep 2008)
The abundant examples in Data Flow showcase the various methodologies behind information design with solutions concerning complexity, simplification, readability and the (over)production of information.

‘Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design’ Ian Noble, Russell Bestley
AVA Publishing (15 Oct 2007)
The aim of this book is to provide an introduction to the important area of research in Graphic Design practice.
Information graphics website containing an abundance of diagrams and icons.
Small info site detail a few important dates throughout history – quite limited in information. Will definitely need to find further information.
Excellent resource of British and world history from BC4004 to present.

‘Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works’ Erik Spiekermann, E.M. Ginger
This book was written in 1993 so some of the topics discussed are a little outdated, for example they talk about the introduction of desktop computers increasing legibility and how we need to concentrate on how we design fax sheets as we use fax machines more and more! However it still discusses some interesting ways to use and  adjust type such as line length, leading & tracking.

‘Being Digital’ Nicholas Negroponte
Fascinating book about how the digital era has effected our everyday lives – from the speed of the internet to how we access information and how information is now targeting the end user. What makes all this more amazing is that the book was written in 1995 – its astonishing how close most of his predictions are now true. Although some of his ideas such as how we will all be using virtual reality in the home are a little off, he should be congratulated on this successes!

Very interesting documentary about complex copyright issues. I found it very interesting especially the parts about who is making the real money using the copyright laws. In the example of the DJ Dangermouse – he made no money, the Beatles made no money, but the lawers for the Beatles must have made lots of money. It also debates the issue of do people breach the law because they want free media – using the example in Russia, the copy is often the same price or more than the original so why do they still buy it?

‘The Joy of Stats’ Hans Rosling, BBC4
Excellent documentary about the use of stats and the graphic ways in which we interpretate them. Hans Rosling has also appeared on TED talking about this subject.


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