Time Project

For the initial idea of using famous sayings about time I have found the following pages that maybe of interest:



I noticed that the second is from a site about GMT – can we use the fact we are based in Greenwich somehow?

Just as a quick idea I thought maybe we could consider graphical ways to represent the various quotes we choose. As an example I mocked up the following draft for ‘A stitch in time’ This maybe too literal, but you get the idea…

I’m not 100% sure we should use the word ‘Time’ at all though – I feel it could be too obvious, like using a clock face. This lead me to think about other ways of representing time, I found a very interesting article by Marilyn Mitchell – (http://www.dab.uts.edu.au/research/outcomes/marilyn-mitchell.pdf). In particular paragraph 6 which discusses visual representations, we could consider the use of symmetry… I thought that maybe we can’t produce a piece of work about time unless we know what time is – one argument is ‘is time a “real thing” that is “all around us”, or is it nothing more than a way of speaking about and measuring events?’ Are there any routes from this statement that we could explore?

On the idea of using world time zones – I discovered that there are 24 main time zones, this fits in well with 24 hours in a day. My initial idea was the find a 24 major (or interesting) city/landmark that fall in to each of the zones and use these to create 2 ’12 hour clock shapes’ next to each other  and linked together to form an infinity sign. Suggesting that time is never ending.

My final idea re: the idea of being frozen in time is the one I have progressed with the least. My current idea on this is to produce a series of posters showing the chronology of ice melting, the ice could be in the form of a shape of reveal something as it melts???


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